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Age Spot Fading Cream

As we mature, we need to change the skin beauty methods we use. After the age of 40 age spots, which are additionally described as “liver-spots” appear on the face, hands or locations of skin that have had too much direct exposure to sunlight.

An age spot appears when the physical body creates an excessive amount of melanin in a response to a national mechanism which works to protect the skin against harm. This results in dark spots “age spots”, which show up on the skin and look unsightly.

Fortunately, there are numerous natural home treatments for lowering the contrast of those spots to offer you a nicer looking, more youthful, skin tone.

We will discuss the home remedies first, and we will also provide a suggested “age spot fading cream” product, later.

Lemon Juice

Applying lemon juice is a popular technique for getting natural highlights in your hair, and it can also be utilized to lighten age spots. Using the same principal of “whitening”, lemon juice has this effect as it is high in acid and that means that the acid acts as a mild bleach. For this to work best it is done by acquiring fresh lemons and applying the juice daily to the affected areas. After application of the lemon juice they must be left to completely dry, and after the area of skin has dried, carefully remove the dried-on lemon juice with warm water. Because of the acidic nature of lemon juice, which will tend to dry the skin, it is highly recommended to simultaneously apply, with each treatment, a top quality moisturizer such as one based upon jojoba or coconut oil.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Red Onion

Lemon juice is not the only all-natural treatment offered to lower age or “liver” places. Another preferred method, and one of the best ways to tone down age spots, is to juice an onion either through a juicer or by using a food-mixer. Buy some apple cider vinegar, and mix equal quantities of apple cider vinegar as well as onion juice. This blend is applied to the age-spot area, usually on the face or hands. Again, you must leave it to dry completely. Once dry, delicately wash off the residue with warm water and use plenty of moisturizer in the same way, as for lemon juice.

Castor Oil

This is considered to be among the most effective age spot, if not an “eliminator” it will make them less visible. Applying the area with castor oil is another basic solution, which has been suggested, to get rid of those unsightly dark places. It is the body which manufactures added melanin in the dark spot, that brings the skin to look uneven and old, on the age spot. Dabbing a little castor oil twice a day for 3 months on the spot, will often help reduce the bumpiness, and even reduce the staining.

Aloe Vera Juice

Ultimately, there is what has been called “nature’s most perfect healer”, the Aloe Vera plant. It is no coincidence that it is frequently used as a sunburn lotion. Aloe Vera gel, directly from the plant, could assist in nurturing the skin that develops the age spot along with help in reducing the discoloration. Just cut a stalk from a plant as well as wipe the gelatinous liquid directly on the ageing scar’s place. Neither, cleaning nor any removal is needed for this gel after application. This action should be repeated numerous times throughout the day, for the best effect.

Our Conclusion

Age spots are the skins organic defense mechanism against repeated direct exposure to strong sunlight. The home remedies we have provided, all function to lighten the discoloration or give nutrition deep inside, to recover the skin. But, unfortunately, all of them require repeated applications and washing the affected areas. Most rely on their “acidity” making them also drying on the skin, which is unfortunate because it worsens the drying effect, which itself is a problem, as we grow older.

For most of us, that lead busy lives and would be worried about using anything even slightly acidic on our skin, an age spot fading cream which is formulated to have the same or better results would be a much wiser choice than any of the above “natural” age spot removal treatments. US readers Click Here to read more about the product we selected after doing research on this. UK readers Click Here.

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