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Hi! I’m Aimee McKenzie and I’ve created this website with a quest to help older people (and younger if they need it!), who are experiencing age spots. I know just how damaging those marks can be to self-esteem and well-being, so I decided to do what I can to do something about it, for the many sufferers.

I am keen on using natural products, especially if they can be used in a recipe which can be made up at home, and if those products are low-cost and already available in the home I support their use. The internet is a great equalizer, and many of us are suspicious of the big companies. Maybe they talk things up, and have a vested interest in making a cure for something as simple as an age spot more complicated than it need be. They may need us to spend big-money on an expensive hyped-up product for the good of their company. So, although I will always provide information on these expensive oils, creams and serums, I will also give space to promoting simpler and cheaper remedies, and make no apologies for that.

Feedback Please!

We are very much looking forward to receiving your comments on the skin cars remedies we talk about here, and news from you of others we may not know about. So, please use our Contact Us page to send us your feedback. We do read your comments and suggestions and we do reply. We are human!

This website is new and just starting-out. We are hoping that we will gain reports from users about success and a few failures in their search for age spot cures. If you have one then please do Contact Us and we will publish your experiences, with you full permission only, of course, and just as far as you would like to contribute.

Finally, do always only suggest the use of any age spot formulations which are safe to use. Only apply anything you are absolutely certain will not damage your skin. Nothing here should do that, but in the event of any misunderstanding in the use or make-up of any skin-applied preparation, please be aware that we never advise use of any treatment that is damaging. If any treatment seems wrong and you think that it could cause damage of any sort, then something IS WRONG, and don’t do it…

My very best wishes to all my site visitors.

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