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Using Creams to Obscure Brown Age Spots – Bio Oil Review

Age Spots and Liver Spots | Ag3derm

Using Creams to Obscure Brown Age Spots – Bio Oil and Likely Effect Before and After


Your reviewer has also recently been seeking a solution to those annoying discolorations on the surface of the skin, which are best described as brown age spots, so this review has been especially keenly done!

In this review we have studied the manufacturer/ seller’s claim for this product as a remover of brown age spots, which of course is what all of us with these dark pigmented areas would like to achieve. We looked for credible “before and after” pictures, but unfortunately we found none which we considered sufficiently transparent in their origins, rigorously controlled or likely to be unbiased by any commercial involvement.

We then looked at the Amazon (US) reviews provided by purchasers of the Bio Oil product, report in this review about them and specifically look at the high customer satisfaction scores achieved for this product.

We then provide details about the formulation itself and what a basic knowledge of the formulation would suggest the user might expect the results from this product to be, leading to our recommendation for this product in the concluding paragraph.


Although we have seen a number of articles on the web suggesting that Bio Oil will completely remove age spots, this is not a claim made by reputable sellers. These sellers merely state that Bio Oil “improves” uneven skin tone like pigmentation marks and blemishes. We assume that when the best known sellers/ large stores say “pigmentation marks”, they are referring to what are better known as old age spots or liver spots, but this claim of “improvement” falls well short of what people want, because they almost 100% seek total age spot removal.

Let’s not for a minute forget that Bio Oil is not the only product marketed for this purpose, and some of the others do, more or less, claim complete removal, although we would recommend caution before acting on the sellers own, possibly partisan, statements about the capabilities of their products.

The active ingredients in Bio Oil include Vitamin A and E a blended chamomile formulation, natural lavender, soy bean oil and the herb rosemary. Not only those ingredients are included, there are more which are too numerous to mention here, but they serve in general to provide fragrance and some color. The main ingredients seem to be for general skin conditioning, with no oxidising agent which would provide any bleaching effect on pigmented areas.

But, Bio Oil does have a far better satisfaction score than almost any other similar general skin conditioning product. There are many ways you can treat brown spots within your own home, using naturally oxidizing preparations from foodstuffs. Removing age spots naturally that way will take some effort, but can be effective. We show a number of videos about this, elsewhere on this website

Great Anti-aging Solution!

You can visit the Amazon website yourself, of course, but it’s quite difficult to dispute the voracity these findings with roughly three out of every five people awarding Bio Oil a “5 Star” rating. No matter how you look at this statistic this degree of customer satisfaction is very re-assuring and especially so in the skin care industry where customer satisfaction can, on average be lower than for products elsewhere on Amazon.

Almost any company would be congratulating itself, because with close to 80% of purchasers rating this item at 4 or 5 Stars, this is a very good rating. Remember that these are unbiased independent product reviews placed on Amazon and policed by the Amazon Managerial staff, so that the over 1,200 reviews (Amazon US website) should not have not been solicited even in the smallest extent.

That’s the good thing about Bio Oil, but further study of the Amazon reviews of this product reveals that most people are simply using and reviewing the product as a skin toner which moisturizes by reducing water loss from the skin’s surface, to reduce or remove stretch marks, and for other general skin condition improvements such as scar reduction.

In the first half dozen reviews we saw only one which related to age spots, and that said: “It helps even out any redness and those ugly brown spots.

After searching for reviews that mention age spots we found fewer than half-a-dozen, and on the whole were either inconclusive or suggested that results in reducing brown spots had worked, but had taken a year of more of applying Bio Oil to achieve.


Bio Oil is a safe choice, it’s scores for customer satisfaction are unbeaten in the skin care market.

It can surely help fade age spots, and may remove them for some people over a long period of time. In addition, it seems that just about all those that use it agree that your skin will look better from using this product regularly, and that it does improve the skin’s ability to rejuvenate.

Our view is that Bio Oil is a reasonably priced product which for those that have brown age spots, indeed any color of age spot, could usefully be used in conjunction with a more specifically formulated age spot removal cream.

For those that like using “home remedies” a moisturizing cream, like Bio Oil, would be essential between applications of a home remedy, or a cleansing and skin repair product which has no moisturizer in it, to prevent the treated skin area suffering from dryness.

It is unlikely that it will be possible to remove age spots and maintain a good skin condition with only one product, and even if such a product exists the cost would be likely to exceed using Bio Oil, so using Bio Oil looks like a great decision for most people who suffer from brown age spots, especially those who intend to remove then using home remedies, or non-moisturizing pigmentation lightening serums.

Great Anti-aging Solution!

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Products Referred to in the Video at the Top of this Page

US visitors; should see Murad serums or gels in our comparison table at the bottom of this page, as recommended for brown age spot removal in the Good Housekeeping Video above. These have good reviews for Brown Age Spot Removal.

UK and European visitors; should see Murad Skin Repair products available in Europe in our comparison table at the bottom of this page, which appear to differ in formulation to the US products, and may be the most similar to the US products recommended in the video at the top of this page.


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