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Image shows a close up of age spots on a hand.

What are “Liver Spots”? – Answering This Common Question


So, What are Liver Spots? – A Definition

What are liver spots, likewise referred to as age spots are really very common. These are spots with an intense colouring which are safe. When you reach the age of 55 years or so, your possibilities of developing liver spots increases. They typically take place on the back of the hand and forehead, in the areas which are most exposed to the sun. They are commonly associated with too much sun (in specific with harmful Ultra Violet radiation) however these areas might occur without reason. These indicators, signs and symptoms, are sometimes also referred to as “sun blemishes” or possibly described as “aged patches”.

Causes of Liver Spots

In the damaging UV rays of the sun, the skin colouring changes, particularly after years of outdoor life. It will have taken years for age spots unexpectedly to appear on your skin. Liver spots are also more common when you get older when you have extremely light coloured skin. Since they previously presumed that these areas on the skin came from a malfunctioning liver, they are called liver spots. These areas frequently have a red or dark brown colour, and the colour likewise is generally reminiscent of the colour of a liver.

Liver spots have nothing to do with the liver, in spite of their name. Some individuals call them age spots, given that they just appear when a person is in innovative years. They are small, flat, light brown patches which resemble very big freckles and might frequently be in a cluster on the back of the hands, from mid-life onwards. Fair people commonly have more sunspots than dark-haired individuals.

Who Gets Them?

Liver spots or age spots influence individuals of any ages and are specifically common in adults over 40. Though common, we can all learn what is liver spots, and how to avoid liver spots by following basic measures to cover and safeguard our skin in early life.

Are They Dangerous to Health?

Liver spots are harmless. They are just indicators of gently sun-damaged skin. People with fair skin and who have a history of intense or regular sun exposure or sunburn are much more vulnerable. They are frequently accompanied by other indicators of image ageing.

In the large majority of cases, liver spots pose no danger and require no treatment, though they occasionally have actually been known to obscure the detection of skin cancer. However, in spite of being a benign condition, liver spots are in some cases considered unsightly and some people choose to have them removed. This can be done by electrosurgery, laser treatment or cryotherapy.

The medically trained might also describe these imperfections as “solar lentigo” or “solar lentigines” when discussing this topic, but I prefer to talk about them as what is liver spots.

How Can Liver Spots Be Removed?

Lemons offer a cheap house solution to get rid of liver spots, however some question whether they are effective without other spot fading substances utilized in mix. Apparently, it’s the citric acid in the fruit that helps to fade the areas. Be aware that lemon also has an astringent, or drying effect, on the skin.

Where Are They Most Common?

Parts of the body that can be susceptible to tremendous contact with the suns rays are certainly the most significant factor behind liver blotches on facial locations. Technically, melanin is necessary to give UV light protection to the cellular layers of our cutaneous tissue (skin). Excess amounts of melanin can be made by the body to protect parts of the body, for example, the forehead, the lower arms and also our facial skin, from the sun. In addition, the much deeper layers of the skin that are overly exposed in the same way need melanin for protection. When people have actually sunbathed exceedingly often and become sunburnt, liver spots might appear on the majority of parts of the body.

Great Anti-aging Solution!

The extreme shock strikes home when we look in a mirror, and we begin seeing more and more age spots or liver spots. As an active, career female it is hard for me to recognize that being extremely cautious with your body and skin, and even taking just brief sunbathing periods, over lots of years, does occasionally still provide us with those unwanted blemishes on our skin.

Can We Remove These Skin Blemishes Ourselves and Save Money?

While tackling your very own liver spots with creams and even ex-foliating chemicals, on the other hand, is possible, it is a much more serious matter to do this on your face, unless you really are a specialist and know exactly what you are doing. Our suggestion is that you have to go to your skin doctor to have this done. Make certain you ask about any adverse effects, plus any leave time you may need to take while recovering you good looks! And, how typically they will do their work to absolutely eliminate your liver spot/ marked areas.

Research Your Anti-Ageing Product Well Before Buying

Now, I know it’s appealing to run out and buy the anti-ageing cream of the month that your preferred star is promoting on the media. But you need to know that the countless dollars that are used to persuade celebrities to give them their recommendations, and in producing slick commercials, frequently leaves little leftover for purchasing quality active ingredients, to make an item that will truly fade your liver spots. Consequently, even the most renowned cosmetic businesses, are prone to utilizing the very same inexpensive chemical-based methods, as their competitors, over and over again. Make sure not to purchase products that, although well known and often marketed, for most people, don’t work.

If you would like to fade liver spots and recover a healthy, youthful glow to your appearance, I encourage you to check out the most recent advances in natural skin care. We talk about them throughout this web site, and you can get more details about the nature-based items I personally use, to fade liver areas and heal other unhealthy signs of ageing by clicking our ads.


We have explained the answer to: “What is liver spots?”, otherwise understood as “age spots”, are in fact extremely common. They are called liver spots because they formerly assumed that these areas on the skin came from a malfunctioning liver. Liver spots have nothing to do with the liver, regardless of their name. Lemons provide a low-cost house remedy to get rid of liver spots, but some concern whether they are effective without other area fading compounds made use of in mix. The harsh reality hits home when we look in a mirror, and we start noticing more and more age spots or liver spots.

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